Escape Plan 2 in a Moscow movie theater

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Serebrennikov’s Leto

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Introduction to GitShell

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Russia – Culture of (Non)Conformity: From the Late Soviet Era to the Present

Russian Literature
Volumes 96–98, Pages 1-350, February–May 2018

Russia – Culture of (Non)Conformity: From the Late Soviet Era to the Present

Editorial Board 
Page IFC
Introduction: The Culture of (Non)Conformity in Russia: From the Late Soviet Era to the Present 
Pages 1-11
Klavdia Smola, Mark Lipovetsky
Community as Device: Metonymic Art of the Late Soviet Underground    Original Research Article
Pages 13-50
Klavdia Smola
The Strategy of Shimmering in Moscow Conceptualism    Original Research Article
Pages 51-76
Daniil Leiderman
Manufacturing Dissent: Stiliagi, Vasilii Aksenov, and the Dilemma of Self-Interpretation    Original Research Article
Pages 77-104
Bradley Gorski
Between Summer and Winter: Late Soviet Children’s Literature and Unofficial Poetry    Original Research Article
Pages 105-135
Ainsley Morse
Varlam Shalamov between Tamizdat and the Soviet Writers’ Union (1966–1978)    Original Research Article
Pages 137-166
Yasha Klots
The Place Where We [Want to] Live: East-West and Other Transitional Phenomena in Vladimir Vysotskii’s Alisa v strane chudes    Original Research Article
Pages 167-193
Anna Fishzon
From the Space Program to Soviet Video Art: The Film Experiments of Bulat Galeev    Original Research Article
Pages 195-220
Vera Koshkina
Cultural Shifts in Russia Since 2010: Messianic Cynicism and Paradigms of Artistic Resistance    Original Research Article
Pages 221-254
Ilya Kukulin
Merry, Witty, and Loyal: A History of the KVN Show    Original Research Article
Pages 255-276
Aleksei Semenenko
Artist for a New Age: Dissident Russian Performance Art and the Work of Petr Pavlenskii    Original Research Article
Pages 277-295
Ingrid Nelson
From Tikhie to Gromkie: The Discursive Strategies of the Putin-Era Auteurs    Original Research Article
Pages 297-327
Justin Wilmes
Deviantnoe povedenie: The Graffiti Collective Zachem’s Social and Artistic Practices    Original Research Article
Pages 329-350
Colleen McQuillen
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Cinema of the Thaw Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro (22 May – 3 June, 2018)

Film Series in Brasil.

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The organizers used my booklet from 2001:  Springtime for Soviet Cinema

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Shot Geometrics

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A Sad Realization of Kinoks Feminist Utopia

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Red Sparrow in Kill Devil Hills :)

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Black Panther in Kill Devil Hills

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Russia Between Nation and Empire

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