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Foreign Policy’s article on the Disappearance of Freedom of Travel in Russia Advertisements

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Flexbox Layouts

In flex-grow property “flex-grow: value;” the value express the growth of the flex item relative to the growth of the other item in the flexbox. The relative proportions of the items under a flex layout need to be constant. To … Continue reading

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Irina Ansimova’s Russian History Blog (interesting)

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Open Russian Lessons

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New War Museum in Gdansk, Poland

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MIME Type Definitions

Computer has MIME settings. MIME controls how messages and attachments are organized and distinguished from one another. MIME types are now called media types by IANA Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an Internet standard that extends the format of … Continue reading

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Video Screening Room in Helicopter (Norilsk October 1988)

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User Interface Patents article

Swipe To Patent: Design Patents In The Age Of User Interfaces

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Free Tarkovsky’s Films

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Connecting the Dots 14 years later

After working for 14 years here, I just realized that Sir Christopher Wren who built The Wren Building on our campus is the same guy who built the St. Paul Cathedral in London.  Sometimes even I am surprised how slow … Continue reading

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